Bowmaker&Bowhunter from 1992

On the " Bow Models" page you will find descriptions of all my 14 traditional bow models. You will be able to choose all the specifications for custom construction and have the perfect bow for your needs, especially for the size of the handle, the draw length and the desired poundage at your exact extension. You can also purchase one of the "Ready to Ship" bows by selecting the link from the Home. The cost of prompt delivery bows is lower due to the shorter processing times compared to the Custom construction. The attention I put into design and details make my bows unique and unrepeatable, but if you know me this you already know! I organize instinctive shooting courses as an instructor in 3 Federations, in-depth technical and training internships, I technically face the "Target Panic" and I hold courses of approach to archery hunting in "Hunting Trails" School on the basis of the A.I.C.A. Federcaccia, the association of which I am the founder and national President. A.I.C.A. is the only association of bow hunters recognized in Italy as part of Federcaccia. I am also a trainer of hunting bow instructors both in Csen and Federcaccia, if you are interested in obtaining this prestigious qualification in one of the two realities, contact me, we will work together for the best disclosure of the hunting bow!

Thanks for reading this far: may your instincts always inspire your arrow!